My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part VII

In the last installment our brother had decided to come with us, we had worked out travel plans, and were getting ready to embark on a “tour du village” so he could say goodbye to […]

Right Bike, Wrong Trail –  an Alpine Adventure: Part I

My summer vacation this year was a trip to Switzerland, with a side trip to the Netherlands to visit some friends who live there, and a side trip to Barcelona to spend time with friends […]

Stealth Teflon – the Secret Strength of Passivity

Not too long ago I was told that I was perceived as passive. Most people who know me will probably be surprised to hear this, but I wasn’t that surprised because I had been passive […]

The Ripple Effect of the Woody Allen Culture

When I was a teenager, Woody Allen movies were the available cinema for a small-town kid with hopes of becoming an intellectual. But, looking back, I wish I had never heard of him. I think […]

Goodnight Airplane 

If you’re ever at the airport late at night, or early in the morning, you may have noticed that a lot of planes spend the night at the gates. Have you wondered what is going […]

The Fallacy of the Chaotic Creative

I recently read the tidying book that was so popular a couple of years ago (yeah, I’m always behind with the best sellers), “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” I have always been quite tidy, […]

Blogging Paralysis

Blogging Paralysis In the summer of 2016 I was working on my second novel, and let my blog lapse, for what I thought would be short break. Weeks turned into months, with an occasional post […]

My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part XI, the Wrap

In the immortal words of Jim Anchower, holas amigos, I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya.  At the end of the last installment I had sampled the unfortunately named Pocari […]

My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part X

My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part X By the end of the last installment, we had departed Manila and were on our way to Tokyo (actually Narita, a suburb of Tokyo). The check-in […]

My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part IX

In my last installment, we had made it to Manila on Thursday, but would need to wait until Saturday to fly out of Manila, and, we hoped, on to the States. We had spent a […]

My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part VIII

Hello readers, I’m back with more of my Philippines tale. In the last installment we had traveled from my brother’s village to the airport in Cagayan D’Oro and were waiting for our flight to Manila. […]