This week, I’m 7 days away from my first bookstore author reading, so here’s some shameless promotion of same. If you’re in the Seattle area (or wish to visit – it’s lovely this time of year), please consider attending. To help you with your decision, I present you with 5 reasons you should come to my reading:

1. I’m funny. It’s true. I make people laugh. Sometimes unintentionally, but mostly on purpose. Even though the subject of my book is quite serious, I’m an entertaining speaker.

2. If I ever become famous, you’ll be able to say you knew me when, and that you attended my first bookstore event. Can’t you just see it – telling your grandchildren, casting back through time, dredging up a hazy, sepia-toned memory of sitting in a circle at Third Place Books, listening to me hold forth about the writing process, or dysfunctional families, or some other interesting topic?

3. Indie bookstores need support. Yes, I know, I’m on Amazon. Third Place knows this too, but they forgive me if I don’t talk about it too much in front of them. Authors gotta make a living, but so do bookstores. I don’t want Amazon to be the only source for books in the future. I want there to be indie bookstores, keeping the flame of literature alive. If you come out to my reading, maybe you’ll have a beverage in the café before or after. Maybe you’ll buy some other books. Maybe you’ll love the bookstore and patronize it again, and/or tell your friends about it. Indie bookstores need this exposure and traffic.

4. I need support. Writing is a lonely business. It’s also a mentally and emotionally challenging business, involving, as it does, the repeated dredging of the subconscious. But, the end result, in this case, is a book that people want to read. It would be lovely to have my hard work rewarded by a good turnout at my event.

5. People often ask how I get my ideas, but since they usually ask in the context of a polite social event, like a party, I don’t feel at liberty to really explain fully that my dysfunctional early life was the crucible from which my creative abilities sprang. I actually feel a bit weird saying it here, even. But, if you come to my reading, and you want to discuss emotional dynamics and the origins of addiction, I won’t demur.

Bonus reason: Cupcakes. I will have free cupcakes for all who attend. Good cupcakes. As many as you like. If there are extras you can even take some home.

In case you didn’t notice the event link above, here it is again:

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