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My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part VI

At the end of my last installment we had traveled to Illigan City and procured cash and produce. The trip back was mostly uneventful. Night fell as we traveled back, but under the auspices of […]

My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part V

In last week’s installment, we had just talked to our brother at the mayor’s office, and then received a ride back to our guesthouse, courtesy of one of the mayor’s drivers. I’ll segue here and […]

My Summer Vacation – Foreign Extraction Edition, Part I

How did everyone’s summer go? Did you get out to the beach? Have some BBQs? Do some camping? Kayaking? Bike riding? How about that eclipse? That was something, huh? I did manage to do most […]

You Say Control Like it’s a Bad Thing

People talk about those who like to be in control, as if it’s a negative trait. “Oh, she doesn’t like going to the doctor, because she likes to be in control.” Etc. You know what? […]

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What’s this “Dry Drunk” You’re Always Talking About?

After numerous conversations with friends in which I knowingly invoke the concept of the “dry drunk” only to be pressed for a definition, I’ve decided it’s a good topic for a blog post, since there […]