I owe a dear friend an apology. I neglected this friend for far too long. I hope I will be forgiven and we can go on as before.
Back when I was working long hours and barely had the time to live, much less live well, I never had enough time for my friend. Sure, I would manage a few get-togethers here and there. I would go through phases where I would put in the effort once or twice a week, but it always felt perfunctory – like I was checking something off a list. I would try to remember the good times, but they seemed so far away and long ago that they served as scant motivation.

Then last weekend I took my friend on a road trip to British Columbia. We spent two days together, just like old times. Suddenly it all came back to me and I remembered why we were friends in the first place.

Who is this mystery friend? His name is Yeti. He’s a handsome brushed aluminum character with a killer groupo. Here’s a picture of him when he was brand new – back when I treated him like the true friend he is.


If you let yourself start counting them, there are a million reasons not to ride. Recently cleaned laundry will get dirty. Newly styled hair will be mussed. It’s hot out there. Muscles are still sore from the last ride or workout. Timing is off. Must study. Must clip cat’s toenails.

And, my favorite; bathroom is dirty. Because, as we all know, if you let that go an extra day, the world ends. It’s a proven fact. Same for vacuuming. Let it go an extra day and all is lost.

This week I had a hair appointment (hence the newly styled hair). In my current thrift-seeking state, I couldn’t justify the drive over to Issaquah for just a haircut. So, against all excuses (the cat will have to endure another day of getting stuck to the furniture) I packed a bag of bike clothes and loaded up the bike for the trip over Lake Washington.

Indeed, I did get the hair all sweaty. I nearly biffed on a jump I hadn’t meant to take. And, I dreaded the ride back up to the parking area from the bike park.

Despite all this the ride was wonderful. I felt strong. I felt in control. My friend Yeti and I worked together effortlessly. I never got out of my middle ring (for you non-bikers, that means I stayed in the harder gears). I climbed everything. I rode some bridges I had never tried before. I zinged through the bermed turns like my bike and I were on the end of a string.

I am sorry I neglected such a wonderful friend for so long, but I think I’m forgiven and I think we’ll go on as before. And now with my ever-developing mechanical skills, I’ll be able to pay Yeti back for all the favors he has done for me over the years. We should always make time for our most cherished friendships, whether they’re with humans, pets, or bikes.

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