You might as well like yourself because, really, what is the alternative?

You might as well like your body, because it’s the only one you’ve got. You’ll be sorry when it’s gone, so be nice to it now.

You might as well pursue your dreams, because what else are you going to do with your life? Pursue someone else’s dreams?

You might as well speak your mind because it will make your relationships honest.

You might as well ask for what you want, because you just might get it.

You might as well stand up for yourself because you can’t expect others to value you more that you value yourself.

You might as well be kind to everyone, because you never know what they might be going through.

You might as well give up the fun of judging, because, see above.

You might as well be generous because no one has ever met a happy miser.

You might as well use up the ‘nice’ things today because it’s not wrong to try have some joy every day.

You might as well stop worrying about what might happen tomorrow, because you absolutely do not know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

You might as well try to stay in the moment, because, see above.

You might as well face the truth, even if you think you can’t, because you can – you’re already surviving it, you just haven’t admitted it to yourself.

You might as well stop trying to control everything, because you can’t, and, despite that, you’re still standing.

You might as well take that trip you have been putting off because you’ll enjoy it more now than you will later, and besides, what ARE you waiting for?

You might as well be open with your affection because it’s not doing anyone any good if it’s all locked up inside of you.

You might as well trust others – if you believe in yourself, you can survive any betrayal and it’s much easier to recover from betrayal than to go through life paralyzed with suspicion.



Posted by lesherjennifer


  1. I got to this one a week late, but I loved it. Truly words to live by.



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