1. You’re constantly slapping yourself on the forehead and wondering why your headlamp isn’t there to light up your food prep/book/sock drawer the way it’s always there for you when you’re working.
  2. You come to think of Aeroshell 33 grease as a viable hairstyling product.
  3. Your laundry room contains every stain removal agent known to the modern world (and yet you’re still searching for the magic elixir that will remove grease stains).
  4. You believe that black holes are made from a combination of landing gear grease, brake dust, and tire tread.
  5. When your washing machine stops working, you start looking for the button to BITE test it.
  6. Safety wire has replaced duct tape as your favorite fix-all material.
  7. When your car gets a ding you have to fight the urge to do a quick and temporary repair and then put a little medallion of speed tape on it with the date and your name, so everyone will know when you fixed it.
  8. When you come home you go looking for the logbook so you can see if any problems have happened since you were last there.
  9. You call inside the airplane “upstairs.”
  10. When your car mechanic wants to install a new part, you have to stop yourself from asking to see the IPC and effectivity.
  11. You think tire repairs should be an Olympic sport, partly because the tires weigh about a million pounds and partly because, with their extremely high pressure (around 225 psi) they’re hard to inflate – it’s a full-body activity to hold the fitting onto the valve against all that air pushing back.
  12. You consider switching to black washcloths because the white ones are quickly turning gray from all the stuff you wash off after work.

Posted by lesherjennifer

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