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I’ve Finally Gone and Done It

I’ve published my book! Please bear with me for this commercial blog post. I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled program of travel stories and philosophical musings next week. But for now – I PUBLISHED A […]

Scenes From a Writing Weekend

Last weekend, driven by a prearranged date with an editor, I finally buckled down and wrote the 4.5 scenes that I believe my book needed in order to be complete. I had spent many hours […]

I Am a Talentless Hack

It always happens when I get deep into writing. I start out confident, but at some point along the way I start to doubt myself. It might be because it’s late and I am stuck; […]

Don’t Worry – There Will Always Be More Words

One of the humps I have had to get over as I become a better fiction writer is the idea that I must keep an iron grip on any words I have committed to paper […]

Writing Versus Sleep

When I used to dream about what I wanted to do as an adult, “go to bed every night at the same time and get up at the same time every morning” was not on […]

A Rough Guide to Novelating – Part II

After you have slogged away long enough to have a manuscript’s worth of words, there are the revisions. I thought that banging out a lot of words was hard, and it was, but it was […]

Sometimes it’s Better to Tell Than to Show

Maybe I should just stop reading any advice about writing. I say this because one of the currently popular writing rules is that you should show, not tell. Meaning, if you want to let your […]