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You Know You’re An Airplane Mechanic When …

You’re constantly slapping yourself on the forehead and wondering why your headlamp isn’t there to light up your food prep/book/sock drawer the way it’s always there for you when you’re working. You come to think […]

The Learning (and Fun) Never Stops

Having survived 2 years of airplane mechanic school, and two days of oral and practical exams, I thought I might be done with formal schooling for a while, but since I got hired at my […]

New Admiration for Sheet Metal Workers

This is what I have spent all my time doing this past week. Sheet metal work, especially with three dimensional forms, is HARD!. These plans: And these tools: Became this “wing.” The B, wasn’t the […]


I debated whether I should post about sexism, because generally I try to keep a positive attitude about being a woman in a male-dominated field. And, the positive attitude is largely justified, because most of […]

The Possible Will Take a Little While

Back when I was working at Microsoft I had no free time because I was working all the time. Then I left Microsoft and looked forward to having lots of time to catch up on […]

Time is Going to Pass Regardless

In 4.5 weeks I will be done with airplane school. I mean, really, really done. Finit. It’s kind of blowing my mind because it really does feel as if I started just a few days […]

Update on Some Random Stuff

A while back I mentioned that I am going to republish Raising John through Booktrope. I am really excited about this opportunity, but I am having to rein in my excitement until I can find […]

Fixing – Not Just for Airplanes

Two things that have changed significantly since I left Microsoft and started airplane mechanic school: I have more time to do things around the house, because I no longer work punishingly long days; I know […]

As the Propeller Turns – That’s a Wrap Edition

I survived the quarter! It doesn’t sound like that much of a feat, but given the drama of the past few weeks, there were a few times when I really wanted the end to come […]