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What’s this “Dry Drunk” You’re Always Talking About?

After numerous conversations with friends in which I knowingly invoke the concept of the “dry drunk” only to be pressed for a definition, I’ve decided it’s a good topic for a blog post, since there […]

Under Construction

I’m working on some updates to my website. Stay tuned for a more visually pleasing experience.

Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year … resolution time, when the human population cleanses, declutters, joins gyms, purchases aspirational organizing systems, tries to quit bad habits and start good ones. I don’t remember ever making a […]

Preview of Coming Attractions

Somehow, in between fixing airplanes, I’m going to find the time and brainspace to finish my next novel in 2016. I’m writing it as a sequel to Raising John, because many readers wanted to know […]

Merry Christmas

Wishing my readers peace and happiness for Christmas and beyond.

My Continued Humbling

In which I am stuffed into various tiny airplane compartments. At my mechanic job I have two mentors – let’s call them Wizard and Wizard Junior. I think Wizard might really be a wizard. Legend […]


Things I’m thankful for: Knowing that it’s OK to end a sentence with a preposition. Having friends who are like family to spend the holiday with. Having family who are like family and who are […]

From the Top of My Game to the Bottom

If anyone ever told me that it would be easy to make the shift from successful software industry career to airplane mechanic, I would now go find them and beat them up. Not really, but I would […]

Postcards from the South – Part III

Picking up the story from two weeks ago – after running all over town to acquire a replacement wheel and pants that didn’t make me want to stab myself, it was back to my luxuriously […]

Haiki Post

I’m still away from home at my undisclosed training location. This week I came down with a cold and have prioritized sleeping over blog writing, so, instead of my usual post, I present this haiku […]