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Goodnight Airplane 

If you’re ever at the airport late at night, or early in the morning, you may have noticed that a lot of planes spend the night at the gates. Have you wondered what is going […]

I Thought I Was Done Dealing with Teenagers

Regular readers of my blog might remember that I dealt with some immature characters while I was in airplane mechanic school. The kids in my class sometimes frustrated me, sometimes amused me and sometimes pissed […]

Another Live Story

A few months ago I did another Moth Story Slam. This time the theme was “risk.” I talked about how I went from being a Microsoft corporate grind to a line mechanic for a major […]

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday I helped with my employer’s annual holiday party for kids in need, which included shuttling about 92 million boxes of inflatable decorations on the freight elevator. What I really wanted to do was stab […]

Remember My Writing Career?

Remember how, in addition to becoming an airplane mechanic, I was also into writing? Remember how I wrote a book? And published it myself? Well, about a year ago, I signed on with Booktrope to […]

Postcards from the South – Part IV

Continuing the story from last week, after consuming half the contents of an Applebee’s I visited the Publix for snacks to get me through the next day’s ride, then returned to my hotel room, which, […]

Postcards from the South Part I

My new job has sent me to a city, far from my home in Seattle, to learn about the Airbus 330, one of the planes in the fleet that I see frequently in Seattle. I […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Being a New Airplane Mechanic is Awesome

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I was recently hired as a full time line mechanic at a major airline. Yay! This week I’m spending some time at the mothership getting fleet training on […]

You Know You’re An Airplane Mechanic When …

You’re constantly slapping yourself on the forehead and wondering why your headlamp isn’t there to light up your food prep/book/sock drawer the way it’s always there for you when you’re working. You come to think […]

The Learning (and Fun) Never Stops

Having survived 2 years of airplane mechanic school, and two days of oral and practical exams, I thought I might be done with formal schooling for a while, but since I got hired at my […]