I’m in the middle of Boeing 767 training this week and have had to flip my sleep schedule around so that I’m arriving at class at the time I normally get off work. I am very tired and have needed all my spare time to study and engage in soul-restoring mountain bike rides. By next week I will have more energy, so I’ll post then.

Then, I have one more week of class after that. Which means, I’ll be on the flipped schedule for 3 weeks – long enough to become entrenched just in time to flip back over to the night shift. Yay!

See you next week!

Posted by lesherjennifer


  1. Jennifer, you can flip that switch … with a will there is a way! Congrats on the new training.



    1. Thanks Karlene! It’s flipped, more or less, but boy, those first couple of days are brutal!

      On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 7:43 AM, Jennifer Lesher wrote:




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