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What’s this “Dry Drunk” You’re Always Talking About?

After numerous conversations with friends in which I knowingly invoke the concept of the “dry drunk” only to be pressed for a definition, I’ve decided it’s a good topic for a blog post, since there […]

Tales from the Trenches of Standby Travel

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to get out of town on standby. You know how sometimes there will be a perfect storm of glitches? This was one of those days. One advantage […]

Empowerment in the Age of the Supermodel

When I was in college I had a conversation with a guy once that went like this: Him: “It’s so strange, XXX (a mutual friend) knows who all the fashion models are. She knows their […]

The Power of Apology

Several times a month, if not every week, there’s a story in the news about an apology that’s not really an apology. A “sorry-not-sorry” if you will. Sports figures are caught doping or abusing the […]

A Sense of Purpose Has Many Uses

Nothing is perfect, even airplane school. The flaw is a small peanut gallery who issue snotty remarks from the left (or, in aviation-speak, portside) rear corner of the room. I don’t know these guys, and […]

In Which I Bond With a Small Conifer

Airplane school is taking up all my mental energy right now, so I am posting from the archives of my life’s odd happenings. Once upon a time, I skied at Mission Ridge, in Eastern Washington. […]

The Smelliest Catch – Part II

We pick up the story as I try to explain how job hunting for a fishing boat job is different from looking for a job in  say, the air-conditioned offices of an investment firm. You […]

Whole-Ass One Thing

In season 4 of “Parks and Recreation” Leslie Knope’s boss Ron Swanson advises her, “never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” One difficulty of modern life is that there are so many ways to spend […]

Stupid Robbers

I had planned to publish the next in my Waterfall series this week, but I got a little off schedule because, upon returning from a 3-day weekend away, I found that my house had been broken […]