Book cover raising john family coming of age alcoholism domestic violence

What readers are saying “A difficult topic, beautifully written.” “The best book I have ever read.” “Blew me away.”

Book Cover Modern Love Hungry for Love

Until she met Rico, Bella’s most meaningful relationship was with food. Rico opened her up to a world of pleasure she had only imagined, but when their love takes an unexpected turn, she is faced with a hard choice.

Book cover modern love little monsters

Charlie is a hot, handsome player. Annabelle is a spoiled rich girl, used to getting her way. Will these two find love amid the high rises and cafes of hipster Seattle, or will they tear each other apart?


  1. I loved Raising John but was somewhat disappointed with the ending.


    1. Hi Terry, thank you for reading and liking Raising John. I appreciate the feedback. I have heard from a lot of readers who loved the book, but not the ending, so I have decided to write a sequel. Please stay tuned – my goal is to publish in mid-2015. Thanks again for reading.


  2. So glad to hear you are writing a sequel! Raising John was very well written and the plot was fabulous. Loved Robert’s side to this story throughout especially his time in prison. I could feel his anger, grief, and pain throughout. Was emotional to read at times but, in my opinion, that’s what makes a book great. I wasn’t disappointed in the ending but it did leave me wanting more. Can not wait to see where the sequel takes this family!


    1. Hi Stephanie. Thank you for the kind words. I really enjoyed writing Raising John and look forward to writing the sequel. I’m committed now *gulp*.


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