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“Do What You Love” – Nice Work if You Can Get It

Last week Slate ran this article. Its point is that the aphorism to “do what you love” is steeped in the oblivion of privilege and that it’s insulting to those who must, simply, work. Given […]

A Master Class in Travel: Kampala, Uganda to Maputo, Mozambique Overland -Final Exam-Part I

This week we have a guest poster, my Africa travel companion, Mr. K. If you think you know the answers, please post in the comments. I’ll post the key later this week. Choose the one […]

Africa Overland Part XIII – Flat Tire in Malawi

At the end of our last installment, we had just gotten past a road blockage on the way to Senga. Not too long after we stopped for gas and cash in Mzuzu. Getting the gas […]

Africa Overland – Part VI: Bihamuralo to Itigi, Tanzania

At the end of the last Africa Overland installment, we were just departing Bihamuralo, Tanzania, where we spent our first night on the road. K had examined the map and suggested that for this second […]

Are You Productive, or Are You Just Busy?

I have been thinking about this lately, because as I have become less busy, I have become protective of my free time, not because I require vast tracts of empty space on my calendar for […]

Africa Overland Part V: Biharumulo, Tanzania

(Correction – my traveling companion, K, reminded me that our friend in Biharumulo was named Daniel, not Patrick as I remembered.) At the end of the last installment we were making for Biharumulo, Tanzania, hoping […]

Africa Overland – Part IV: Tanzania

At the end of the last installment, we had just stopped for a photo op at the Equator, a couple of hours from our first border crossing, into Tanzania. Next to the acquisition of the […]

Africa Overland – Part III: South from Kampala

At the end of the last installment, K and I had, by dint of persuasion and gratitude, procured an important certificate from Kampala Interpol. By this time it was close to 6:00 PM and we […]

Africa Overland – Part I: Red Tape in Kampala

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I road tripped through the lower third of Africa. It all started when a friend left a job in Uganda for a job in Mozambique. She moved […]

In Which I Bond With a Small Conifer

Airplane school is taking up all my mental energy right now, so I am posting from the archives of my life’s odd happenings. Once upon a time, I skied at Mission Ridge, in Eastern Washington. […]