I get blocked about writing, but I get blocked about other stuff too. Exercise, work tasks, housecleaning. With all the stuff in life that has to get done, often enough I find myself stuck and […]

Don’t Stop the Train

I’m a closet advice column junkie. Carolyn Hax, Ask Amy, and Margo Howard – I read them all. I still read Cheryl Lavin’s Tales from the Front, which started in the Chicago Tribune right around […]

Novel Writing for the Imperfect

You ever have those conversations with people where you realize that they have a completely delusional idea of who you are? For example, I tell people that I finished a manuscript and they get the […]

The Distractible Mind

I think I might have ADD, but I’m not sure. There’s a test, but I haven’t been able to sit still long enough to take it. But seriously folks, I have often wondered if I […]

2011 in Review

Y Invested in the future of container housing Y Became a faster cyclist N Became a fast cyclist Y Experimented with outsourcing some drudgery Y  Discovered the joys of root vegetable soups N Discovered the joys of […]

Sometimes it’s Better to Tell Than to Show

Maybe I should just stop reading any advice about writing. I say this because one of the currently popular writing rules is that you should show, not tell. Meaning, if you want to let your […]

The Elation and Agony of Feedback

As I have traveled the road from non-writer to owner of a nearly completed manuscript I have solicited and received quite a few critiques. Some came from friends, who have been wonderfully supportive but not […]

Your Stay in Federal Prison

Back in the days when I dreamed of writing a novel, but had not yet written one, I often wondered about book research. They always say “write what you know” but in fact that can […]

When Writing a Novel …

After numerous hideaway weekends and another Kauai hell week (those words shouldn’t go together, but here they do) I believed I had a saleable manuscript. It was spring of 2010. It was at this point […]

About That Novel

Since I started this blog, several people have asked when my novel will be finished and how I managed to write it. I don’t have a simple answer to either question but since people are […]