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The Next Phase in Project Dream-Life

Today I have an interview at an airline. I don’t want to jinx myself or pre-count chickens, but if all goes well I will have achieved the holy grail of a major airline job right […]

A Catalog of Minor Annoyances

If you’re scheduled to go on a flight, we have to assume that you knew this was going to happen quite a few days before the moment when you arrived at the security line. Since […]

Chapter 38 – Or Airplane Toilet Tech Talk for the Non-Technical

I knew this night was coming, but I didn’t know when. Sooner or later, every mechanic working on transport aircraft will need to deal with Chapter 38. What is Chapter 38, you ask? Are you […]

What Mechanics Need

Helping take my school’s teams to the Aerospace Maintenance Competition got me to thinking about what you look for in a good airplane mechanic. I think it boils down to three things: the ability to […]

Licensed to Learn (and Fix Airplanes)

Short post today because I spent the day testing. And now … drum roll … 2 years, 3 weeks and two days after I took my seat on the first day of airplane mechanic school, I […]

Aerospace Maintenance Competition 2015

Last year I participated in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, as part of an all-female team from my vocational college. It was fun, but we had a hard time with preparation and only one of us won […]

Mechanic’s Shirts Should Also Come in Pink

My consistent readers will recognize most of this blog from last year. I’m reposting because I have been thinking about this more since I have started my internship in the line maintenance department of a […]

What a Difference Two Years Make

Exactly two years ago today I took my seat in the first quarter of airplane mechanic school. At that time all I knew what that it was time to make the leap from my corporate […]

Airplanes – They Sure are Big

The same day I finished airplane mechanic school, I started an airline internship (a week ago Monday). Every weeknight I go to their maintenance facility at the south end of Sea-Tac Airport. Here’s a typical […]

Retrospective – Where I Was Two Years Ago

I’m repeating the post that started off this whole airplane mechanic career change – I have been head down getting my school’s teams ready for the Aerospace Maintenance Competition and starting my internship at Delta […]