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Postcards from the South Part II

On Thursday of my first week in City X, I ventured farther afield – took the light rail and a bus to an in-city area where mountain bike trails were promised. As I discovered later, […]

What No One Tells you About Growing up Crazy

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what it means to grow up in a crazy household, and how, even though you can leave, you can never really outrun the effects. When I was […]

Blog Vacation

As I adjust to my new work schedule and take some time to enjoy summer, I am taking the week off from blogging. See you here next week.

Another Bloody Church – Travels Along The Danube

I’m still on vacation this week, traveling the river route between Budapest and Amsterdam. I’m repeatedly reminded that the structures that have survived (or have been rebuilt) from earlier times tend to be the houses […]

The Road to Hungary

I’m on vacation this week, so my next couple of posts will be travelogues. At the moment I’m on a river cruise boat, docked outside Vienna, on the way, eventually to Amsterdam. Unless you’re a […]

Oversharing Ahead

I have been thinking about boundaries/lack thereof and how we’re taught to take care of ourselves. In a post last year I wrote about a friend who never gives anyone a second chance to treat […]

Mindfulness as the Antidote to Shoulding All Over Yourself

Do you ever “should” all over yourself? Think that whatever you’re doing, you should be doing something else? I do it a lot and it robs me of happiness. Recently I had to deal with […]

Some Airplane Noises and What They Mean

First of all a note: this post suggestion came courtesy of my brother who wanted to know what some specific airplane noises mean. I realized this might be a great topic for others to ask […]

Some Pros and Cons of Being a Line Mechanic

Since I am officially a real airline mechanic now, and not just an intern, I now feel qualified to have Big Opinions about the pros and cons of my new occupation. Also, I need a […]

A Tale of Peony Envy

One year I went to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. I went with a friend, E, who also liked to garden. This was back in the days when I actually liked to garden. I […]