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Postcards from the South – Part IV

Continuing the story from last week, after consuming half the contents of an Applebee’s I visited the Publix for snacks to get me through the next day’s ride, then returned to my hotel room, which, […]

Postcards from the South Part I

My new job has sent me to a city, far from my home in Seattle, to learn about the Airbus 330, one of the planes in the fleet that I see frequently in Seattle. I […]

Random Thoughts of a Jet-Lagged, Newly Minted Night Shift Worker

I just started my night shift hours hot on the heels of 2 weeks spent 9 time zones away. I’m adjusting, but barely, so here’s a collection of random thoughts. I spent most of my […]

Update on Some Random Stuff

A while back I mentioned that I am going to republish Raising John through Booktrope. I am really excited about this opportunity, but I am having to rein in my excitement until I can find […]

Traveling, Writing, and Following Your Dreams

I wrote this in response to the question, “How has travel influenced your writing?” Some people know where they’re going in life from a very young age. When I was in first grade, I planned to […]

A Master Class in Travel: Kampala, Uganda to Maputo, Mozambique Overland -Final Exam-Part I

This week we have a guest poster, my Africa travel companion, Mr. K. If you think you know the answers, please post in the comments. I’ll post the key later this week. Choose the one […]

Africa Overland Part XIII – Flat Tire in Malawi

At the end of our last installment, we had just gotten past a road blockage on the way to Senga. Not too long after we stopped for gas and cash in Mzuzu. Getting the gas […]

Africa Overland Part XII – The Shores of Lake Malawi

At the end of the last installment, we had stopped for the night in Karonga, Malawi, a good-sized town near Lake Malawi. There wasn’t much to see in this town so we were up and […]

Africa Overland Part XI – Karonga, Malawi

At the end of the last installment we had made it through the Tanzania/Malawi border crossing at Songwe, with about an hour to spare before dark. We set our sights on Karonga, a town on […]

Africa Overland – Part X: Into Malawi

At the end of the last installment we had successfully fended off a pack of currency exchange jackals, just on the Tanzania side of the border at Songwe. Next stop, the border crossing, which we […]