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Top 5 Signs that You’re Being Manipulated

Another thing about growing up crazy is that oftentimes people with mental illness or severe emotional problems are adept at manipulating other people in order to get their own needs met. This can happen because […]

My Life Hacks

When I was a kid, there was a thing called “helpful hints.” They were collected and disseminated by nice housewifely ladies. Now we have “life hacks” and they’re created and distributed by irony-loving millennials. I’m […]

Six Ways from Dysfunction

Think about what slice you use to measure your life. For a while I did Crossfit, and now I do Olympic weightlifting. I’m not really the typical body type or age (or personality) for these […]

Random Thoughts of a Jet-Lagged, Newly Minted Night Shift Worker

I just started my night shift hours hot on the heels of 2 weeks spent 9 time zones away. I’m adjusting, but barely, so here’s a collection of random thoughts. I spent most of my […]

You Always Have a Choice

Back when I was in college (the first time) I worked at the Chicago UPS on the night shift. I started working there about 9 months after I departed the cornfields of my small Indiana […]

The Possible Will Take a Little While

Back when I was working at Microsoft I had no free time because I was working all the time. Then I left Microsoft and looked forward to having lots of time to catch up on […]

Time is Going to Pass Regardless

In 4.5 weeks I will be done with airplane school. I mean, really, really done. Finit. It’s kind of blowing my mind because it really does feel as if I started just a few days […]

Goals of the Achievable Sort

About a year ago I got a fitbit. For the uninitiated, it’s a device you either clip to your clothes or wear on your wrist to track activity. I got it because I suspected I […]

Update on Some Random Stuff

A while back I mentioned that I am going to republish Raising John through Booktrope. I am really excited about this opportunity, but I am having to rein in my excitement until I can find […]

Fixing – Not Just for Airplanes

Two things that have changed significantly since I left Microsoft and started airplane mechanic school: I have more time to do things around the house, because I no longer work punishingly long days; I know […]