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Empowerment in the Age of the Supermodel

When I was in college I had a conversation with a guy once that went like this: Him: “It’s so strange, XXX (a mutual friend) knows who all the fashion models are. She knows their […]

To Be Young Again

I’m told I have some funny stories in me, and so begins a blog series of funny/poignant/ridiculous/illuminating stories from the archives of my brainpan. I’ll start with this one – in which my sister and […]

How to Do a Live Story

I missed my Wednesday post this week, but I have a reason. I was hard at work on a story for the Moth Story Slam. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an offshoot of […]

The Power of Apology

Several times a month, if not every week, there’s a story in the news about an apology that’s not really an apology. A “sorry-not-sorry” if you will. Sports figures are caught doping or abusing the […]

No Excuse Needed

If you participate in any sort of organized fitness, the concept of excuses comes up from time to time – if, for example, you decide to skip a workout. Or eat a doughnut. I used […]

Unearthing the Past

I spent most of my free time this week going through old family photos, letters and assorted mementos. A few years ago I became the custodian of these materials, distributed among several large and decrepit […]

Pantsing versus Plotting and the Emergence of a New Work Style

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m working on the sequel to Raising John. As I have not yet mentioned, I recently made a commitment to my book manager at Booktrope to publish it […]

Random Thoughts on Judgment, Paleo and Grammar

I have this folder called “Post Ideas.” This is where I dump blog post ideas when I have a flash of inspiration but I’m not in a position to write the post right then. Sometimes […]

How Not to be a Horrible Customer or Client

I have several friends who are consultants and one who owns her own specialty construction business. Oh, the stories they tell of customers from hell. Here’s how not to be that customer: If they give […]

Holy Intrusiveness Batman! Or, How to Defend your Borders

I had an experience recently that made me really glad of the work I have done to learn about personal boundaries and how to enforce them. Someone I encounter in my daily life decided that […]