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As the Propeller Turns – Stuff Gets Real Edition

I’m in the last week of my penultimate quarter of airplane mechanic school. Fun times. Here’s a sampling of occurrences since last week: Apparently I upset my classmate, Young Guy Who Acts Like a Crabby […]

As the Propeller Turns – Human Factors Edition

I have a classmate (known in other posts as Young Guy Who Acts Like a Crabby Old Guy) who flies into a rage every time I suggest that I know something he doesn’t know, or […]

As the Propeller Turns – Inappropriate Conversation Edition

Last week’s post about a day in the life of an airplane mechanic student was so popular, I’m back this week with more snippets from my favorite conversations. There was this one: Man-Child to me: […]

A Day in the Life of an Airplane Mechanic Student

(Names changed to protect the innocent and incompetent.) 6:55 – Shoulder backpack and point keyfob back over my shoulder to lock my car as I fast-walk to the entrance of the hangar where school is […]

Airplane TechTalk for the Non-Technical: Propeller Basics

I have signed up to take the first of my FAA certification exams in just 10 shorts weeks (eeep!) so expect more of these techtalk posts as I work through the material I need to […]

Airplane Tech Talk for the Non-Technical: Cabin Pressurization

Another in my occasional series demystifying the inner workings of airplanes. This week – cabin pressurization. As most people know, modern passenger planes are usually propelled by turbine engines, and usually fly at around 35,000 […]

Ten Things I Have Learned Since Starting Airplane Mechanic School

1. I used to think I was unable to learn new things. You get that way as you get older. School starts to seem like a young person’s game and the brain starts to feel […]

Airplane Tech Talk for the Non-Technical: Cabin Cooling Systems

My prior duo of posts about airplane turbine and reciprocating engines was popular, so I’ll expand the series to talk about the mysterious inner workings of other airplane parts. This week, let’s talk cabin cooling. Smaller […]

Airplane Tech Talk for the Non-Technical – Turbines

A couple of weeks ago I explained reciprocating engines, especially as they relate to aircraft. But, truth be known, I’m all about the turbines. Turbine engines are what got me excited about airplanes to begin with. […]

Flight Test

Updated on 6/12/2014 My career shift just keeps getting better. This week I’ll be talking to a flight test manager at Boeing, so I can learn more about the role of flight test mechanic, get […]