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In Which I Bond With a Small Conifer

Airplane school is taking up all my mental energy right now, so I am posting from the archives of my life’s odd happenings. Once upon a time, I skied at Mission Ridge, in Eastern Washington. […]

The Smelliest Catch – Part VI

We resume the story as I report for work on the Ocean Phoenix and wait to hear whether I passed the pee test. On the second evening, just as I was starting to think I […]

The Smelliest Catch – Part V

At the end of the last installment, I was winding up my visit to the Kalispell, Montana area and heading back to Seattle to seek my next fishing gig. I was better equipped for the […]

The Smelliest Catch, Part IV

We pick up the story as our hardy work crew is given the gift of 2 more hours of sleep a day, courtesy of a slimmed-down 16-hour-a-day work schedule. It doesn’t sound like much, but, […]

The Smelliest Catch – Part III

The story resumes as I try to describe what it’s like to work for 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because the sockeye season is so short, and the boat has so little […]

Ten Pounds of Living into a Three-pound Life – Part II

I have a bad habit. I schedule optimistically. Especially when I’m on vacation and I want to do more than there is time for. So, optimistically, I believed  I could ride all the way to […]

The Smelliest Catch – Part II

We pick up the story as I try to explain how job hunting for a fishing boat job is different from looking for a job in  say, the air-conditioned offices of an investment firm. You […]

The Smelliest Catch, Part I

It was the worst year of my life. When people ask me, “what was it like” that is my first response. Worst. Year. What experience prompts this outpouring of negativity? For slightly under one year, […]

Jennifer’s 2012 in Review:

Went to Kenya – Y Saw elephants, giraffes and zebras – Y Got eaten by a lion – N Met an authentic example of a bitter, pickled, post-colonial European – Y Visited some classic Olympic […]

Impressions from an African Road Trip

I recently had the unique opportunity to drive a car through 4 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa. The route was from Kampala, Uganda, along the west side of Lake Victoria, into Tanzania, more or […]