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Best Day Ever

In life, you can go with the safe option, and know that you’ll be able to predict how most of your future days will go. Or you can toss the safe option out the window, […]

Let Me Tell You How Much I Hate Painting

I’m kind of phoning it in this week because I have used up all my free time painting my living room and hallway. I hate painting. It always takes longer than I think it will. […]

A Master Class in Travel: Kampala, Uganda to Maputo, Mozambique Overland -Final Exam-Part I

This week we have a guest poster, my Africa travel companion, Mr. K. If you think you know the answers, please post in the comments. I’ll post the key later this week. Choose the one […]

Africa Overland Part XIII – Flat Tire in Malawi

At the end of our last installment, we had just gotten past a road blockage on the way to Senga. Not too long after we stopped for gas and cash in Mzuzu. Getting the gas […]

Africa Overland Part XII – The Shores of Lake Malawi

At the end of the last installment, we had stopped for the night in Karonga, Malawi, a good-sized town near Lake Malawi. There wasn’t much to see in this town so we were up and […]

Africa Overland Part XI – Karonga, Malawi

At the end of the last installment we had made it through the Tanzania/Malawi border crossing at Songwe, with about an hour to spare before dark. We set our sights on Karonga, a town on […]

A Story About an Amazing Thing I Saw With Birds

This story doesn’t have a life lesson, or a clear narrative, or really any point at all, except that I saw a birds being amazing and I want to share it. Also I’m a little […]

Africa Overland – Part X: Into Malawi

At the end of the last installment we had successfully fended off a pack of currency exchange jackals, just on the Tanzania side of the border at Songwe. Next stop, the border crossing, which we […]

Africa Overland – Part IX: Last day in Tanzania

At the end of our last installment, we were ready to depart the Utengule Coffee Lodge with plans to cross into Malawi at Songwe before nightfall. We passed through Mbeya on our way south. As […]

Africa Overland – Part VIII: Lodging at the Coffee Plantation

At the end of our last installment, we had just experienced our first checkpoint bribe, as we traveled from Itigi to Mbeya. As we drove south we went from red-dirt lowlands to alpine terrain and […]