I survived the quarter! It doesn’t sound like that much of a feat, but given the drama of the past few weeks, there were a few times when I really wanted the end to come sooner than it did.

About that drama. Angry (but less angry, lately) Republican wrote a rebuttal to my post about Young Guy Who Acts Like a Crabby Old Guy (YGWALACOG), which he promised to send me, but never did. Not sure what happened. Perhaps he realized that commenting on the dirtiness of my car wasn’t quite the hard-hitting, critical-thinking kind of ammo he thought it was. Perhaps he got bored with himself. Hey, offer still stands, but I’m not going to beg him.

YGWALACOG was a little less vociferous in the final days of the quarter, which was a mild blessing. I’ll be curious to see if his time off over break tempers or inflames his anger. Either way, I have only one more quarter of him to endure.

Meanwhile, some classmates wondered why they hadn’t yet been given nicknames. I thought of a few more:

  • Corporate Jet Jockey
  • Crossword Fiend
  • Mr. 100%
  • Cornell West Jr.

No news to report from these 4, but I like the descriptiveness of their nicknames.

In other news, Man-Child will not be with us next quarter. I’m actually pretty bummed out about this. I got to know him better this last quarter and became fond of him and will miss his antics. On the other hand, next quarter will most likely be booger-free, so there’s that.

Where Man-Child leaves off, Lil’ Bastard seems determined to take his place in the department of “how disgusting can I be?” To this end, he leaves his retainer out on his desk whenever he takes it out to eat. This despite my warnings that such behavior is going to have a negative impact on his love life.

A lot of people have asked why I call him Lil’ Bastard. Rather than explain in words, I give you these pictures. Note the proffered spit-soaked retainer.

Lil bastard WP_20141119_005

Do you see the resemblance? I think they’re almost identical.

And, finally, I take my first set of licensing exams in December. First the written tests on Dec 2, then the oral and practical on Dec 16. The thing I’m most worried about is assembling fluid lines, but I did some practice last week and took some awesome pictures to help me study. So, I should be good to go.


I made this


By this time next week I will have completed the written test. Wish me luck! I promise a full account of the experience (without giving away FAA secrets) once it’s over.

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  1. Good luck on your exams!!



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